Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you really minister in the public schools?
A: Yes! We uncompromisingly teach the Bible. We pray for students to receive Christ as their Savior. We lay hands on the sick and pray for them at their desks.  We are tools in the hands of the almighty while the Holy Spirit works the miracles in the classrooms.

Q: Is this legal?
A: Yes, at least for the time being. Every year we submit a request to the local authorities for their permission to enter the schools.

Q: Will you always be able to do this?
A: We serve God one day at a time. At any moment this door of opportunity can close but we believe God will keep it open at least for the near future.

Q: How many schools are you teaching in?
A: We have permission to teach in 104 schools. We only have funding to reach 27 of those schools.

Q: Do you pay your Bible Class teachers?
A: We would love to pay all of our teachers a salary because they work very hard; however, they work on an almost voluntary basis. We supply them with transportation funding and a few cents extra so they can buy a pop during recess.  When we have funds we give them a meager offering twice a month.

Q: How much would it cost to give each child a piece of candy?
A: Today we are teaching close to 17,000 children each week. A lollypop or photo copy cost about 5 cents. Total cost is right at $850.

Q: I can only give $20. That seems like so little. Would it real help?
A: The young boy with the 5 loaves of bread an 2 fishes must have asked the same question. $20 will bring the gospel to 80 students for one month. God will give the increase.

Q: If I came to Honduras, could I visit the classrooms with you?
A: Absolutely yes! We have and excellent rapport with the schools'  administrations and they have always been open to our visitors.